Reduce Denials
& Audit Risk

LigoLab’s fully integrated LIS & RCM platform with intelligent automation

We’ve helped over 100+ laboratory facilities significantly grow their business and improve their Net Collections between 25-35%. See our white paper / case study and let us show you how we can do the same for you.


Industry Challenge:

  • An estimated 35% of claim denials are due to inaccurate or missing data
  • Manual processing of claims is both labor and time intensive  

The LigoLab Solution:

LigoLab's fully integrated laboratory and billing platform with intelligent automation

  • Reduce rejection up to 98%  

Increase Bottom Line Profit

With robust and future-proof solutions

Manage and curtail clerical mistakes on the fly with extensive data validations and error scrubbing

Utilize demographic check, insurance discovery, and eligibility verification tools in real-time

Minimize labor cost through automatic coding and TC/PC splitting

Leverage full bi-directional synchronization with third-party services such as:

  • Mailing companies
  • Clearinghouses
  • NPI Registry
  • Payment processors

Employ extensive rule-driven claim scrubbing engines with:

  • AMA and Medicare policies
  • Custom commercial payer requirements
  • Individual client billing provisions

Administer regulatory compliance protocols at every stage:

  • NCD
  • LCD
  • NCCI

Apply quality assurance throughout entire RCM with comprehensive audit trail

Ensure high visibility with real-time data processing workflow queues

Improve denial/appeal management with a robust rule engine

Increase revenue with complete accounts receivable control and accessibility

Engage powerful data processing tools and gain accounting insight

Create detailed statistical reports and dashboards to monitor trends and KPI’s

Unlock Your Revenue Potential

Traditional Billing Solutions

  • Lack of Transparency and Control 
  • Manual Coding and Data Entry 
  • Unreliable Demographics and Sync of Master Files 
  • Difficult Insurance Verification and Patient Profile Matching  
  • Manual Claim Scrubbing  

LigoLab Intelligent Billing Solution

  • Automatic Coding and Billing Strategies
  • Bundling and Unbundling
  • Claim Validation and Error Correction 
  • Upfront Demographic and Insurance Validation  
  • Automated Client Billing  
  • One Source of Truth   

Let us put our decade-plus of experience in the laboratory industry to work for your lab. We'll show you how to drastically reduce claim denials and dramatically increase efficiency and cash flow.

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Ultimately, Our Laboratory Partners Achieve:

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Audit Risk Reduction 

Reduced Denials

Reduced Denials

Increased Revenue and Profit

Increased Revenue and Profit

Improved compliance

Improved Compliance



Partner Testimonials

Learn from a few our many satisfied partners who have significantly grown their business using the LigoLab platform.

David Gardiner
CEO & Pathologist at ARP

LigoLab's pricing model was much more amenable for us to get and afford. With this top-notch solution in place, we have grown in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Jennifer Bull
COO at Northwest Laboratory & Pathology

LigoLab enabled our pathology practice to quickly add a clinical lab and successfully automate internal billing operations, giving us a competitive edge in our market.

Joseph Guido
IT Director at Summit Pathology

Working with LigoLab, top experts will be available, they will make time for you and encourage us to leverage other areas of the rich platform, which is very very special.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

All Data is Tracked Through Entire Workflow

Timely Actionable Insights

Dynamic Reports with PAMA Support

100's of Standard Reports and Unlimited Ad Hoc Capability

Dynamic Reports with PAMA Support

Precise Financial Visualization

Dashboard Presentations

Real Time, Descriptive, and Predictive Analytics

Gain Insight and Full Visibility of Your Lab Operations and Finances

Our system tracks all data and all lab operations, plus it gives you the ability to create customizable report and dashboard templates that can easily be used to measure efficiency and workflows. 

With LigoLab's Platform, You Get:

A transparent platform with highly intuitive automation tools and deep third-party integration. An end-to-end patient-centered solution.

Billing Data Structure: Encounter

Benefits Of An Integrated LIS & RCM

Benefits of an Integrated RCM + LIS

Precise and automated control over claim validation, generation, client billing, distribution and payment processing.

Integrated Laboratory Operating Platform

LigoLab's Fully Integrated LIS & RCM Platform Power Point Overview Video

Learn how LigoLab’s fully integrated LIS & RCM platform can improve your operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and net collections

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