LigoLab’s Billing Solution Is A Proven Winner That Can Drive Revenue Up By As Much As 30 Percent

Many laboratories are potentially losing out on a staggering amount of money because they continue to do billing on the back end.  

Turn your lab operation into a profit center with LigoLab’s Revenue Cycle Management solution. 

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Industry Challenge: 

  • An estimated 35% of claim denials are due to inaccurate or missing data  

  • Manual processing of claims is both labor and time intensive  


Billing Mastery: Get Expert Advice 

Now in addition to giving you the most comprehensive Laboratory Information System, LigoLab also gives you the tools to grow and scale your business with its integrated billing solution.

During our live consulting sessions, our billing experts will give you the latest, cutting-edge strategies and market insights needed to grow your business, including what really works for billing, collections and more. 

Our experts are here and ready to answer any questions that you might have. They'll show you how to efficiently turn your lab into a profit center.

Unlock Your Revenue Potential

Traditional Billing Solutions

  • Lack of Transparency and Control 
  • Manual Coding and Data Entry 
  • Unreliable Demographics and Synchronization of Master Files 
  • Difficult Insurance Verification and Patient Profile Matching  
  • Manual Claim Scrubbing  

LigoLab Intelligent Billing Solution

  • Automatic Coding and Billing Strategies  
  • Bundling and Unbundling
  • Claim Validation and Error Correction 
  • Upfront Demographic and Insurance Validation  
  • Automated Client Billing  
  • One Source of Truth 

Let us put our decade-plus of experience in the laboratory industry to work for your lab. We'll show you how to drastically reduce claim denials and dramatically increase efficiency and cash flow.

Ultimately, Our Laboratory Partners Achieve:

Sustainable Growth

Future proof your operations. Create new revenue streams and increase your margins.

Competitive Advantage

Disrupt or be disrupted. Differentiate yourself and better serve your customers.

Return to Joy 

Experience a less stressful, easier working environment, and rest easy because LigoLab is always here for you.

Operational Efficiency 

Go from reactive to proactive. Automate, control and gain visibility of your operation.

Patient Safety

Achieve regulatory compliance and eliminate human error and lost specimens.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

All Data is Tracked Through Entire Workflow

All Data is Tracked Through Entire Workflow  

Dynamic Reports with PAMA Support

Dynamic Reports with PAMA Support 

Dynamic Reports with PAMA Support

Precise Balancing of Processes

Dashboard Presentations

Dashboard Presentations __ 

Gain Insight And Full Visibility Of Your Lab Operation  

Our system tracks all data and all lab operations, plus it gives you the ability to create customizable report and dashboard templates that can easily be used to measure efficiency and workflows. 

With LigoLab's Platform, You Get:

A transparent platform with highly intuitive automation tools and deep third-party integration. An end-to-end patient-centered solution.

Billing Data Structure: Encounter

Benefits Of An Integrated RCM + LIS

Benefits of an Integrated RCM + LIS

Precise and automated control over claim validation, generation, client billing, distribution and payment processing.

Integrated Laboratory Operating Platform


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